The best properties in the world need the smartest maintenance tools

Granlund Manager helps property owners improve the value of their assets and keep their tenants happy.

“Granlund Manager is maintenance made smart and simple,” explains Veikko Martiskainen, head of international operations at Granlund.
“Granlund Manager is maintenance made smart and simple,” explains Veikko Martiskainen, head of international operations at Granlund.

The Mall of Tripla is the largest shopping centre in Northern Europe. It is part of the new 350,000 square metre Tripla complex in Helsinki, Finland, which includes a railway station, offices, a hotel and residences. Granlund Manager was chosen to manage the property.

“Granlund Manager is maintenance made smart and simple,” explains Veikko Martiskainen, head of international operations at Granlund. “It is a cloud-based property maintenance and energy management software which helps owners improve profitability.”

Conducting proper maintenance and adding efficiency to operations saves money, while taking good care of the asset helps maintain its value. Granlund Manager also aims to keep the people inside happier, such as through indoor air quality, which boosts the lease value. It is critical for property management companies to use the best tools in order to maximise the value of their property portfolios.

Founded in 1960, Granlund provides MEP design, facility maintenance software services and consultation to construction and real estate firms. Finland-based Granlund has 1,100 professionals working in Scandinavia, the UK, Asia and the Middle East.

Unlocking benefits of digitalisation

Granlund Manager is used by 60,000 properties around the world, including the Finland pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020. Granlund is a partner of Finland at the Expo and their software makes sure that visitors from around the world get a pleasant indoor climate experience when they visit the pavilion. It is an excellent opportunity for visitors to get to know Finland and Finnish technology. 

Granlund Manager a critical tool to gain the benefits of digitalisation in property management. It helps to boost efficiency by optimising time and resources. It gives visibility of building assets and maintenance actions as well as customised reports for owners.

“Having correct information quickly allows you to take action,” Martiskainen
says. “There used to be a gap between monitoring and maintenance. We provide a smoother data flow and process so you can act faster. This allows you to lower costs and improve sustainability.”

Real value for property owners

Granlund Manager is also integrated with BIM. It uses BIM to visualise conditions and performance, synchronise data from multiple sources and create a digital twin to improve operations. The data of thousands of technical devices with design and build information have already been transferred via BIM integration.

“We went from reactive maintenance to preventative maintenance,” Martiskainen
continues. “Now we are moving to predictive maintenance. With sensor data in a BIM model we can combine smart building and IoT solutions.”

As an example, in Tripla they have 1,000 smart metres which are integrated to invoice systems and analytics. BIM can merge with facility management in a state-of-the-art application.

“We work hard to provide real value to property owners,” says Martiskainen. “With Granlund Manager they can lower operating costs, strengthen asset value and contribute to the happiness and welfare of their tenants.”

If you are interested in seeing how you can improve the maintenance on your properties with Granlund Manager, book a demo by using the QR code here.


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Granlund specializes in design, consultancy and software services. The core of our expertise is energy efficiency. In Finland we are the leading expert in all our speciality areas. We focus on innovation and development of new energy solutions, information technology and integrated design.Granlund was established in 1960. Today Granlund group has several locations in Finland, and employs more than 700 professionals. We also have offices in Shanghai and Dubai.

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Veikko Martiskainen

Veikko Martiskainen

Head of international operations, Granlund


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