Growth, innovations and well-being

Growth, innovations and well-being

Specialising in building services technology design, property management consulting and software services, Granlund aims to double its net sales for the second time. 

In its Granlund 2020 strategy, the Group has set the bar high. By 2020, Granlund aims to be an international group of companies that has almost doubled its net sales and number of personnel.

“We simplified our growth targets into two figures: EUR 100 million and 1,000 people. We aim high because we firmly believe in our competence and experts. Now we all are pulling together to achieve our targets,” says CEO Pekka Metsi.

Last year, Granlund extended its geographical coverage in Finland, increased the number of personnel considerably and expanded its business operations abroad, too.

“The number of our personnel has increased by nearly 100 per year and during the past two years, we have expanded to 10 new locations, two of them abroad. Development has certainly been fast,” Metsi comments in summary. 

Holding on to the 96% personnel satisfaction

However, alongside growth, Granlund wants to emphasise well-being—among both its personnel and its customers.

“We want to grow without compromising our personnel’s well-being and our investments in the development of both the personnel and the business operations. Our personnel satisfaction rate is 96% and we aim to hold on to that. We believe that happy and healthy personnel create well-being for our customers, too,” Metsi emphasises.

The company also wishes to bring the well-being of building and property end-users to centre stage in the discussion carried out in the sector.

“People spend 90% of their time indoors so our sector has quite an impact on how people feel.”

Innovation as growth drivers

The foundation of Granlund’s success story is research and development—in addition to the business strategy, the Group has created a separate innovation strategy. The Group makes significant investments in innovation and development, amounting to approximately 7–8% of its annual net sales.

“Our innovation investments are high for a company operating in the construction and property sector. Nevertheless, innovation and development activities are an optimal tool for supporting the achievement of the company’s growth targets. Our organisation does not question development activities,” notes Tuomas Laine, Director of Granlund’s Innovation and Development department.

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Granlund specializes in design, consultancy and software services. The core of our expertise is energy efficiency. In Finland we are the leading expert in all our speciality areas. We focus on innovation and development of new energy solutions, information technology and integrated design.Granlund was established in 1960. Today Granlund group has several locations in Finland, and employs more than 700 professionals. We also have offices in Shanghai and Dubai.


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