Lifelong health is here – and it’s for everyone.

Nightingale Health enables consumers to take their health into their own hands: discover risks early and change the course in time.

Lifelong health is here – and it’s for everyone.

The human mind tends to operate on reactive mode when it comes to health issues. Until we have definite proof, in the form of a test result or an intolerable ache, we like to think there’s nothing wrong with us. While this approach may not be that alarming when it comes to common acute situations such as a toothache or a sprained ankle, the importance of preventative health monitoring becomes more significant with the so-called lifestyle diseases that are more serious and chronic in nature.

“Heart diseases are one example of diseases that develop in the human body over a long period of time without anyone noticing,” says Teemu Suna, CEO of Nightingale Health, a health technology company listed on Nasdaq First North in Finland. “But during the years, sometimes decades, the body is already giving signals on a molecular level about what’s happening. We should pay attention.”

Typically, the first time something is done to fight this kind of disease is after an acute diagnosis. At that time, it is often too late for preventative measures – which in most cases would have helped to considerably delay the illness, if not completely prevent it. 

“Lifestyle is one of the most significant contributors to chronic diseases."

While this may also have something to do with human nature or us not knowing about the potential need to act before something happens, it’s better to know what’s happening in your body – even if it isn’t visible yet.

“Lifestyle is one of the most significant contributors to chronic diseases, both when it comes to causing and preventing them,” Suna points out. “If we can receive a heads-up in time that a disease is developing, or that there is even a risk of that, we can take action accordingly.”

Now we have a chance to know, thanks to the groundbreaking blood testing technology 
developed by Nightingale Health.

 Making the most out of every drop

As a result of Nightingale Health’s rigorous development work, their blood test can pull more information out of a blood sample than its conventional counterparts. Ta-
king advantage of artificial intelligence and the company’s access to a huge amount of data, the measurement results from the sample can be connected with future disease risks. The individual gets a clear overview of the risk levels for various diseases and can take preventative action early enough for it to have an impact.

“Nightingale Health’s blood test is an easy, reliable way to observe how your lifestyle affects your body,” Suna explains. “Then, as you use this information to change your diet or increase exercising, it’s possible to see how the molecules in your body have reacted well before you see any changes in the mirror or on the bathroom scale.”

“Nightingale Health’s blood test is an easy, reliable way to observe how your lifestyle affects your body."

Nightingale Health has recently launched a consumer service, Livit by Nightingale Health, which combines the power of the revolutionary analysis technology with an at-home testing kit and a consumer-friendly mobile application. The Livit app empowers individuals to take control of their own health. Also employers can use the service to support the well-being of their employees. It provides a big picture of the wellbeing of the heart, mind, immunity, and metabolism. 

Nightingale Health’s CEO Teemu Suna points out that the body gives signals about diseases on a molecular level long before symptoms develop.

It also provides the user with something called Healthy Years – the estimated age they are likely to live to before getting a disease that significantly reduces their quality of life.  By redoing the at-home test later, it’s possible to track the effect of changes to diet, exercise, sleep, or stress levels through the app.

How can such an easy, even affordable do-it-yourself test kit pull so much data out of a single blood sample – and even correlate that with future disease risks?

“Each blood sample is put inside a high-frequency magnet which makes the molecules in the blood resonate. As each molecule has its own resonance, and as all molecules are resonating simultaneously, we can capture the signals from multiple molecules at once,” Suna explains. “The advanced AI algorithms then transform those resonance signals into units that are useful for health monitoring. The molecules begin to have a meaning and they can be correlated with health risks, using data from some of the world’s largest biobanks.”

A health revolution on a global scale

Preventative health is a concept that can revolutionize primary care, including occupational health and wellbeing, on a global scale, and Nightingale Health is one of the trailblazers driving the entire industry forward. While human nature may still be a bit resistant towards preventative action, Suna believes that making top-notch data easily available and understandable will change that attitude. That is why the company keeps building and developing its solution for everyone, so that as many as possible would have an opportunity to benefit from it.

“We don’t believe people simply refuse to change their lifestyle until they become sick. We believe they are not motivated to stay healthy because they have not been given the right tools. Sometimes the right tools may be as simple as an at-home testing kit and understandable health results via a mobile app.”

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