Digibalance produces digital bookkeeping services for European micro-entrepreneurs

Digibalance produces digital bookkeeping services  for European micro-entrepreneurs

The Finnish company Digibalance has already developed a completely digital bookkeeping service for European small businesses. Now, this pioneering company will also launch a mobile app for small businesses; a tool for business owners to monitor financial performance that can be carried in your pocket.

Digibalance is a Finnish-owned accounting firm, established in 2008. Its vision is of producing Finnish origin online bookkeeping for small businesses in the entirety of the EU. The company’s primary target group consists of European start-ups, micro-entrepreneurs, and businesses of 1-4 employees in size. 

“This target group includes many people that employ themselves as entrepreneurs in unfamiliar environments. At the moment, we at Digibalance offer online accounting services in Finland, Estonia, France, the UK, and Italy, but our goal is to duplicate our services in all of the European SEPA countries. We are the best in on-going monthly accounting. For special taxation questions and Financial Statements, we use local expertise,” says the Chairman of the Board Mikko Ilves.

Automation keeps costs down

In practice, what does ‘digitalised bookkeeping services’ mean? 

“In the AutoAccount service we have replaced the arduous paper phases of accounting with automation. The service is effortless and affordable for the entrepreneur. Thanks to the digitalisation and automation of the process, the client does not pay for anything unnecessary. The service is also ecological and location independent, because all documents are transmitted online. In spite of the digital process, the client also gets assistance in case of need; since contacts with our team are conveniently handled online, for instance through Skype, and the service language is English.”

Ilves reveals that online accounting, at its least-expensive, costs € 40/month. 

“In addition, the monthly fee does not depend on the number of transaction documents; hence, a growth in business activity and the number of transactions does not automatically raise the monthly fee. This brings predictability into the everyday life of the entrepreneur.”

Online monitoring of your business performance in your pocket

Now Digibalance is launching a mobile application – Digibalance mobileApps, a tool for small business owners to monitor financial performance. 

“Young entrepreneurs are especially used to taking care of their daily affairs through mobile devices. That is why we want to offer European small business owners the chance to handle business matters by mobile device as well.”

Ilves says that Digibalance mobileApps works both-ways between Digibalance and the client. 

“The client can send us additional information and we in turn produce reports for the service. The idea is that when the micro-entrepreneur opens the mobile service, they see a view that reveals both the present situation of the business and a financial forecast. As a new feature, we also generate taxation forecasts in the service. Later, other services, in connection with entrepreneurship offered by various cooperation partners, can also be added to the service. We will launch the mobile service for clients during the spring.”

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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Automated bookkeeping

AutoAccount is the most innovative of the Digibalance service products, through which micro-entrepreneurs can take advantage of the effortlessness and affordability of online bookkeeping without separate software purchases. Digitase accountants take care of the bookkeeping of your small business or proprietorship in a cost-efficient manner by utilising automated bookkeeping services for routine activities.

Digibalance Ltd.

Digibalance Limited is a subsidiary of Finnish Digitase Oy. It has focussed on accounting for international clients. The Automaattitilit service developed by Digitase is offered to international entrepreneurs under the name AutoAccount.

Kaupallinen yhteistyö

Organisaation tiedot



Automaattitilit on Digitaseen innovatiivisin palvelutuote, jolla myös ns. mikroyrittäjät pääsevät hyötymään sähköisen kirjanpidon vaivattomuudesta ja edullisuudesta ilman erillisiä ohjelmistohankintoja. Digitaseen kirjanpitäjät hoitavat pienyrityksen tai toiminimen kirjanpidon kustannustehokkaasti hyödyntäen automatisointia kirjanpidon rutiiniosuuksissa.Digibalance Ltd.Digibalance Limited on Digitase Oy:n tytäryhtiö, joka on keskittynyt kansainvälisten asiakkaiden kirjanpitoon. Digitaseen kehittämä Automaattitilit-palvelu on tarjolla kansainvälisille yrittäjille nimellä AutoAccount.