Valoa design brings light into darkness

Lighting is a visual experience, an adaptable appearance through which you can create various ambiances in spaces and buildings. A building can also be an image-evoking media surface. Life can truly be brighter, as lighting design agency Valoa Design knows.

For 20 years now, Valoa Design has created more comfortable everyday experiences by means of light. “We design lighting solutions for façades, commercial premises, shopping centers, hotels, parks, city centres and other urban spaces. With lighting, it is possible to influence how people experience the environment during the dark season,” says lighting designer MA Roope Siiroinen.

Human centric lighting

The lighting industry has changed enormously, and so is our way to experience lighting. Today, by modifying lighting you can create various ambiances and or practical situations in spaces and buildings, out of which an all-embracing experience is born. User experience is the core of modern lighting design. 

“We no longer talk about lamps, but signals, communications and the ways in which we experience our environments. It’s a whole psychological entirety and task of light is to help people look and feel it better”, Siiroinen explains.

Modern lighting, LED – technology and control systems, means also savings for the energy and service costs.

Lighting is everyday luxury

”Even in every kind of space, heritage or commercial environment, the visual experience can be modified helping people experience lighting as an everyday luxury,” Siiroinen adds.  

A good example is Hotel Torni in Tampere. The light installation on its façade consists of a media surface at the top of the hotel and an illuminated bevel in the façade of the building, both of which change according to the time of day and year, mornings, evenings, weekends and special happenings. 

”This means endless face lift and communication between people and building.”

Text: Mia Heiskanen


A simple journey into the world of lighting

A successful outcome calls for seeing the entirety and for supervision from the idea’s inception to implementation. That is something we at Valoa have mastered.

We have boldness and an understanding of individual ideas, as well as the technical skills needed to complete the projects. For the client, this means simplicity, clarity, and reliability. With Valoa, you know where the journey leads, because we move forward one step at a time, from the concept to technical implementation planning, towards implementation of the lighting solution.

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Valoa is a Finnish lighting design agency that uses light to make people’s everyday environments more beautiful and experiential. We design lighting for public and urban areas, including buildings and facades, parks, squares, hotels, shopping centers, and office spaces. Our clients are primarily companies and public organizations.