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Ähtäri Zoo opened on 17 June 1973 and is the oldest natural environment zoo in Finland. The park’s first animal was a moose named Köpi. Today, the zoo is home to over 50 animal species. Ähtäri Zoo is open throughout the year, and there are 3 kilometres of easy access walking routes through the park. The most popular animals among the visitors are bears, the red panda, snow leopards and takinis. 

And now, of course, there is the Giant Panda couple named Hua Bao and Jin Baobao. Ähtäri Zoo welcomed two giant pandas from China in January 2018. Starting from 17 February the visitors to Ähtäri Zoo were able to admire Hua Bao and Jin Bao Bao in the Panda House, maybe playing on the swing, splashing through the stream, or testing out the climbing frames. At least the pandas are snacking on bamboo, of course!

The Panda House in Ähtäri Zoo is a modern panda habitat – a species-appropriate as well as natural-seeming home for the bears, the likeable ambassadors of species protection.

The Zoo Farm is home for domestic animals such as goats, horses and pigs. The visitors get to feed the animals and learn about the traditional ways of living on Finnish farms back in the old days.

Since the beginning, Ähtäri Zoo has aimed to build spacious and natural living environments for the animals. Furthermore, one of the most important goals for zoos is to help people learn more about animals and nature and to distribute educational information. Ähtäri Zoo is located in the middle of Finland.

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Ähtäri Zoo

Ähtäri Zoo

The Ähtäri Zoo is the oldest natural environment zoo in Finland. Today, the zoo is home to over 50 animal species, with bears as the park’s best-known attraction.