Right Product, Right Approach

Royal Care Medical raises personal preventive equipment (PPE) awareness to help healthcare specialists use correct safety protocols

Right Product, Right Approach

Established 20 years ago,  Royal Care Medical is a prominent player in the UAE’s healthcare industry. With long-term joint partnerships in Malaysia and India, the company is an international supplier of medical, surgical and rehab care units and devices.  

Within the UAE, Royal Care Medical plays a vital role at the forefront combating Covid-19 by procuring and distributing reliable, high-quality PPE equipment and devices. 

PPE protocols

As a developer and an innovator, Managing Director Royal Care Medical, Anubhav Gautam, has been working on PPE solutions his entire professional life, long before the current pandemic. His experiences have left him feeling that there is little awareness of how product specifications can determine doctor and patient safety. 

“It is not just about what you do to treat patients. It’s also about using absolutely specific equipment to ensure complete safety for all those involved to mitigate further infection,” he says.

Prioritising awareness

Anubhav believes there is not enough awareness about product specification across PPE.

Surgical gowns and other protective apparel are devices intended to promote infection-control practices by helping protect patients and healthcare workers. These standards are based on key-barrier tests used to classify products into defined levels of performance. Knowledge of these levels allows informed, consistent choices about the type of protective product necessary for a medical situation.

Global presence

With manufacturing units in Malaysia and India, Royal Care Medical have a regional presence in the UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, and plan to expand soon into Kuwait and Qatar. They specialise in developing products according to market requirements. “You can’t mass manufacture. You have to interact with the end user to understand their requirements,” he says. 

Their global presence allows the company to apply international AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) standards of quality control to product solutions. 

“Healthcare professionals can only perform at their best when they have complete trust on the products they are using. That is why we keep them safe and protected with the correct-use medical consumables and disposables so that they can save lives,”
Anubhav concludes.