Create your perfect relaxation and spa experience with Harvia

Create your perfect relaxation and  spa experience with Harvia

Whether you´re planning a stylish sauna or perfecting a luxurious spa experience, Harvia can help you make it happen in a natural wellbeing way.

Spa equals luxury. A relaxing moment in your own private spa and steam room relieves stress and eases the mind, which may also help sleeping problems, making sleep deeper and more soothing.

“When aiming for a luxurious experience the safest solution is to trust the expertise of Harvia, the number one sauna and spa company in the world.”

Therefore, it should be implemented in a way that radiates perfect enjoyment and relaxation, supported by the technical, stylistic, and functional features of the spa. Harvia is a true provider of comprehensive spa experiences and relaxation for everyday life with a passion to create the best Sauna & Spa experience for you and your loved ones. Founded in 1950, the company has grown into a global market leader. Harvia employs 450 sauna and spa professionals worldwide and its iconic products are exported internationally.

From idea to reality – with one partner

So, in case you want to ensure that the result is technically and functionally perfect, the best solution is to utilise the competence and know-how of Harvia experts from design to implementation to save your own time. In practice this means that when you design your own relaxation oasis, Harvia can offer you exactly the kind of design help you need as well as structures, materials, light fittings, and any other components to fulfil your vision of an impressive and relaxing Harvia experience. The roots of Harvia lie within sauna heaters but the world of Harvia is so much more.

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Harvia, founded in 1950 by Tapani Harvia, is today the internationally leading one-stop shop in the global sauna and spa market. Our mission is to create relaxing moments and offer natural wellbeing. We employ 450 sauna and spa professionals. We operate in international markets and have a strong network of partners. The Austrian company Sentiotec GmbH has been a part of Harvia Group since 2016.

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Sauna on syntyjään suomalainen sana ja se tunnetaan ympäri maailman. Saunan koti on Suomessa, joka on maailman saunatihein maa – 5,5 miljoonan ihmisen Suomessa on jo yli 3 miljoonaa saunaa. Suomi on myös Harvian kotimaa.Harvia on maailman johtava sauna- ja spa-alan toimija. Vuonna 1950 perustettu Harvia tunnetaan kaikkialla maailmassa toimivien ja teknologisesti edistyksellisten tuotteiden ja kokonaisuuksien suunnittelijana. Markkinajohtaja Harvian ikonisia tuotteita viedään 85 maahan ja myydään 600 jakelijakumppanin voimin. Harvia on lukuisilla markkinoilla toimialansa tunnetuin brändi.