It’s the tools that count

It’s the tools that count

T-DRILL manufactures pipe fabrication machines the rest of the world cannot match.

It’s the tools that say how good you are. So states T-DRILL that has supplied its machinery around the world for more than 40 years. T-DRILL manufactures pipe fabrication machines for branching, cutting, flanging and end forming. As the sizes of required pipes and their wall thicknesses may vary, there are dozens of different kind of machines.

The products are used by customers in HVAC, automotive and shipbuilding industries as well as in food and dairy and other stainless steel piping. Mrs. Anne Hanka, Managing Director, looks into the future with confidence. Over the decades, T-DRILL has acquired a vast amount of expertise, which has made the company the world’s market leader.

“We must continue to push forward in the future, too,” she says.

T-DRILL leads the way in product development

Entreprise monitors the field with a keen eye, developing pipe fabrication machines that are all the time better, more efficient and easier to use. The latest flagship products are F-170M Mobile Flanging Machine, Plus 500 Collaring Station and C-170 Automated Collaring Station.

F-170M is a lightweight and mobile fabrication machine that can flange pipes even at a worksite. Chemical industry and HVAC sector as well as shipbuilding and food industries, for example, will benefit from the machine. 

“The flange fittings do not have to be welded to the pipe and no chips are generated at all when the flange lip is formed directly on the pipe. The energy requirement is also low and the end result is high quality”, explains Mrs. Hanka.

She is also proud of the new Collaring Stations, Plus 500 and C-170. The first mentioned is designed for large pipe and vessel collaring and C-170 for fully automatic process, when there are several different sizes of collars in one tube.

Unique brand and global markets

T-DRILL is a strong and experienced specialist that has created its path into the global market. T-DRILL has grown into a unique brand; the method is renowned throughout the industry. In addition to a good brand, Mrs. Hanka knows what is needed for success in international business: durable machines, good availability of service and spare parts, reliable operations and a local presence.

“We are globally local. We have local forces at work all over the world. ”

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