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In aviation, safety always comes first. Because of this, manufacture of aircraft components is a tightly controlled and licensed business. Besides Finnair and Patria, Tampere-based Tammer-Suoja is the only company in Finland licensed to manufacture and sell aviation upholstery and interior components to airlines and the Finnish Air Force. 

Founded in 1983, Oy Tammer-Suoja Ab is also known as a motor vehicle seat cover and blanket manufacturer. Kari Talja, CEO of Tammer-Suoja, tells that the company recognizes its social responsibility and intends to operate and employ in Finland in the future as well. 

– In airplanes, trains and coaches, the quality needs to comply with strict standards, and if we do everything in our own plant here in Tampere, we can control the quality more closely, Talja says. 

The company is focused on constant innovation and invests in product development and security of supply. 

– We haven’t had a delivery delay for three years. Of our staff of thirty people, four are engaged in product development. Our customers rely on us – Finnair, for example, has ordered from us carpets and replaceable seat covers for their Airbus A350 airplanes first in Europe, Talja says. 

guarantees quality 

When Kari Talja acquired Tammer-Suoja together with a capital investor in 2003, the company was already involved to some extent in subcontracting-based manufacture of seat covers for airplanes and coaches. 

– We started making seat covers for trains as well. At the same time, we developed and expanded our aviation operations. When the recession started in 2007, airlines used to buy the materials by themselves and send them to companies like us for the production. We believed that delivery of completed goods under part numbers would be more reasonable, and so we applied for an aircraft components manufacturing licence. We were granted the POA21 licence in 2009, and now we also purchase the raw materials on behalf of the airlines. They only order finished products from us, Talja explains. 

 If we make the products in our own plant in Tampere, we can control the quality more closely.

Tammer-Suoja issues airworthiness certificates to its products, which means that the company takes responsibility for that the products conform to approved design criteria and can be used on board aircraft. 

– Material batches delivered to us must be accompanied by fire safety certificates proving that each batch complies with the requirements. The products manufactured by us must also be traceable – in other words, bear a part number, manufacturing date, batch, manufacturer, and licence number. 

 Fire safety is the most important characteristic of aircraft interior materials. If an upholstery or interior fabric on board an aircraft is set on fire, it must go out by itself and formation of combustion gases is not allowed. Tammer-Suoja purchases most of the upholstery and interior materials from a Swiss manufacturer that has its own laboratories for the testing of materials as required by licence conditions. TEXT: Eila Lokka

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