Forsman Tea – tea lover’s paradise

Many people may be surprised that close to Helsinki-Vantaa airport they can find the Finnish Forsman Tea’s international tea factory and fabulous Tea Stall. Yet, this is no coincidence. An uncompromising quality has been the recipe for Forsman Tea’s success for nearly 40 years. 

Forsman Tea is an exceptional Finnish company, as Finland is not traditionally known worldwide as tea country. Despite this, Forsman Tea has managed to build a strong Finnish tea brand, which has participated in international trade among the finest teas for over 40 years. 

Forsman Tea’s quality is also known worldwide. The CEO Ari Santamäki says, as a quick-fact, that the company has provided tea for many years – for example to the best of Moscow hotels, restaurants and specialist teashops.

The best raw materials
in Finland, without middlemen

Nevertheless, what is Forsman Tea’s secret recipe? “Quality. It is imperative for us to get the tealeaves into consumer’s cup when they are as fresh as possible, as the best flavour steeps from fresh tea leaves. That is why we purchase teas directly from tea-growing countries, and from the best plantations. We do not buy raw material through intermediaries, because we want to prepare tea from new yields that are as fresh as possible.”

The company’s approach is also rewarding local producers. “It has always been important for us to act fairly towards tea farmers. For the farmer, it means that when he delivers a quality product meeting the Forsman criteria, we are a faithful companion to him for many years to come. A good relationship with producers, in turn, ensures that we always get the best raw materials in the world.”

Production according
to demand

The reason why Forsman Tea always tastes at least one degree better than other teas, in the consumer’s cup, is ensured at Forsman tea factory under the strict control of Finnish experts. 

“Tea flavours do not come to our tea factory as ready-made mixtures, but they are created at the Vantaa factory according to distinct recipes and with the help of the professional manner of Finnish experts. We have been refining tea recipes for over 40 years and have turned seasoning into a noble skill. Raw materials are stored under optimal conditions and we produce tea blends in instalments of 300 kilograms as the orders leave the factory. Thus, we can always be sure that the flavour of Forsman Tea tastes equally good in each and every cup.” 

Text: Mia Heiskanen


You can explore Forsman Tea’s selection
of teas in shops situated at the Airport’s Non-Schengen-area pop-up and the 2A
arrivals hall! 

 The tea lover’s paradise is open in the Forsman Tea Stall near the Airport, where you can find a selection of 500 different Forsman Teas, and you can dive deeper into the essence of tea. Taste it, smell it or, even buy a beautiful teapot gift. 

Forsman Teashop 

Suokalliontie 7, 01740 Vantaa 

Opening hours 

Mon 11–16.30 

Tue–Fri 11–18 

Sat 10–15 

December Sundays 12–17 

Check opening hours from our website! 

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Forsman Tea

Aaro Forsman Oy on suomalainen vuonna 1979 perustettu teetalo, joka pakkaa ja maustaa teet Suomessa, pohjoismaiden suurimpiin kuuluvalla teetehtaalla. Forsman valikoima sisältää laadukkaat alkuperäisteet, mustan ja vihreän teen kiinnostavimmat maustetut vaihtoehdot sekä luomu- ja Reilun kaupan teet. Paras tee hautuu tuoreista, aidoista teen lehdistä. Siksi Forsman teet hankitaan suoraan tuottajamaista - ilman välikäsiä ja alueiden parhailta viljelmiltä.Forsman Tea OySuokalliontie 7, 01740 Vantaa Puh. +358 9 8366100