Renewable energy generation and the importance of energy storage

Fluctuating availability of Renewable energy requires energy storage to be able to maximize the efficiency of green power. 

The world’s consumption of electricity is growing regionally. Our society is already fully dependent on the availability of reliable access to electricity. Thus, we should favour renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, wave and waterpower. However, these renewable energy sources might not be equally available when needed. Many countries are investing in renewable energy, which plays an increasingly significant role in the global power supply. Due to this, energy storage has become a key factor in helping countries manage grid stability as renewable energy sources continue to be integrated into the grid, as well as during peak demand, limiting the need to build dedicated peaking power plants, providing significant financial benefits, and minimizing CO2 emissions. Therefore, the energy storage market has entered a new growth phase.

Parker has delivered power conversion equipment for energy storage projects spanning North America, Europe, Latin America and the Asia Pacific regions, bringing its cumulative worldwide deployment to over 225 megawatts of energy storage as a more efficient way to deliver grid scale energy. Parker is able to offer a superior energy storage product by leveraging cutting-edge control, advanced cooling technologies, as well as applied engineering, commissioning, and expertise at the system level. 

Outlooks for the Finnish Industry

The use of renewable energy resources for electricity production opens up the market for Finnish companies as well. Finland has a strong expertise in power plant design and project planning, as well as energy production and power grid management. This expertise allows Finnish companies to expand their offerings to new areas, both in Finland and abroad. An ongoing investment is experimental installations, which explore the best ways to take advantage of battery technology for the management of an electricity grid. 

The solutions provided by Parker are very suitable to these needs, and Parker has gained international experience that can easily accelerate the entry of Finnish operators into new markets. It is also important to customers operating in the global market that we are able to support their business locally, anywhere in the world, says Ari Vuorinen, Global Account Manager, Parker Hannifin. 


The Parker Hannifin Corporation has recently had a 13 billion sales year (for the fiscal year 2015) and is the world leader in the manufacture of motion control technologies and systems, and produces professionally designed
solutions for many different market areas. 

Parker Hannifin Oy is the market leader in Finland. The company offers high-quality
hydraulics, filtration, sealing and automation
solutions for its customers in Finland and the Baltic countries. The Finnish sales company is headquartered in Vantaa, Finland. Its manufacturing units, in turn, are located in Tampere,
Urjala, Forssa and Ylöjärvi. 

Our global and local success is based on a simple equation. An empowered workforce operating in an environment that is open and friendly that breeds ideas and solutions. We
encourage and trust our employees to pursue ideas, and more importantly, we listen to them.
Join the Parker team and realize your future in solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges. We’re looking for communicators, problem solvers, inquisitive thinkers and dedicated professionals who want to win.

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Parker Hannifin on 13 miljardin dollarin vuosimyynnillään (tilikaudella 2015) maailman johtava liikkeenhallintateknologioiden ja -järjestelmien valmistaja, joka tuottaa ammattitaidolla suunniteltuja ratkaisuja monille eri markkina-alueille. Parker Hannifin Oy on alansa markkinajohtaja Suomessa. Yritys tarjoaa asiakkailleen Suomessa ja Baltian maissa laadukkaita hydrauliikka-, suodatus-, tiiviste- ja automaatioratkaisuja. Suomen myyntiyhtiön pääkonttori sijaitsee Vantaalla. Valmistavat yksiköt puolestaan sijaitsevat Tampereella, Urjalassa, Forssassa ja Ylöjärvellä.