Oulun Energia strives to offer its customers cost-efficient electricity contracts and other energy services taking into account the responsibility to and safety of customers and our own employees. Our intermediate goal is for the company’s power production to be 90% carbon-neutral before the year 2030. 

“More and more of our customers want the electricity they use to be produced as cleanly as possible. An EU Directive guides companies to operate in a more environment-friendly way and this is also a competitive advantage,” states Tuomas Savola, Business Director at Oulun Energia. 

In the case of need, we buy emission trading derivatives, so that the customer receives a certificate of the origin of the electricity used. We have also started a bio-power plant project, which is part of our strategy to achieve carbon neutrality.

Cost Efficiency and Risk Management

Aspirations towards carbon-neutral and cost-effective energy can also be seen in the solar-power plant boom. They have become profitable investments for companies as the technology has developed, and repayment terms have shortened. Oulun Energia meets the demand by guaranteeing a long lifecycle for its devices even in the harsh weather conditions of Finland. 

Cost-consciousness and risk management are the trump cards of electricity contracts for businesses, which can be tailored according to the customer´s needs. 

“The portfolio management service is popular, since it offers predictability and cost savings in a company’s energy costs. A fixed price time-limited contract is again popular among SMEs,” Savola states.  TEXT: Eila Lokka

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