Data-driven healthcare improves care and lowers costs

Innokas Medical and Cubist bring the benefits of digitalisation to healthcare.

Data-driven healthcare improves care and lowers costs

Innokas Medical is a medical technology company founded in 1994. With over 200 employees and three factories, Innokas helps clients to design, develop and manufacture regulated medical devices. They also help their clients gain regulatory approvals as well as create and improve their quality management systems.

Deep expertise in machine learning

Much of Innokas’ work is driven by digitalisation, and they have a sister company, Cubist, who are dedicated to bringing the benefits of digitalisation to healthcare. Together Innokas and Cubist offer their clients even better support, as Innokas’ wide competences are now matched with Cubist’s deep expertise in machine learning and data-driven solutions.

“We focus on IT in healthcare, such as data-driven care and AI solutions,” explains Thomas Davidsson, CEO of Cubist. “Our goal is to help our customers use smart solutions to improve health care and lower costs.”

Cubist provides a broad range of development services. They can help with front end, back end, sensor integration, embedded software, data science, AI, regulatory advice and project management. 

Data driven home care

Their first project was to develop home care through virtual hospitals for the region of Halland in Sweden. It is part of a larger development project in the region to collect and analyse patient information with a variety of partners.

“The Halland Region improved patient outcome as well as cost effectiveness. Sweden has twenty-one regions, but only two have a positive healthcare budget. Halland is one of them,” Davidsson says. “Data-driven decisions can prove to be clearly beneficial.”

This broad partnership aims to develop fully functional systems to provide patients with advanced healthcare in their homes so they don’t have to go to the Emergency department. It includes connected IoT solutions, data management, analytics and remote monitoring.

International network  

“We have put together a fantastic team who are experienced with a data-driven approach to healthcare,” says Davidsson. “We work in an international network of academics, professionals and policy makers. There is a transformational shift in the medical field, and I hope anyone who wants to learn more will get in touch and talk to us about their specific requirements.”

Innokas Medical and Cubist are part of Paree Group Oy.

Editor: David J Cord

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Innokas Medical’s vision is to be the preferred MedTech long-term co-creation partner in 2020. We want to work in close cooperation with our customers, and transform their ideas into a high quality medical products – together with them.


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