Data-centric Solutions to Managing Chronic Diseases

Daily-care solutions and data-driven telemedicine with Actiste Diabetes Management optimises patient-carer information flow

Data-centric Solutions to Managing Chronic Diseases

Real life drives innovation. For Swedish company Brighter, founder Truls Sjöstedt was inspired to ease the flow of real-time information between patients, immediate carers and physicians. In his case, the patient was his wife, managing chronic diabetes during the birth of their first child. 

Actiste, a patented, cloud-based platform with remote patient assistance and data collection across specific bio markers, became the solution. 

Launched in January 2019 in UAE, Actiste has two European medical approval certificates.

“With the pandemic, Actiste is a vital telemedicine and digital health tool, giving patients real-time physician feedback while social distancing.

As the world’s first complete IoT-health solution for remote patient assistance and treating insulin-dependent diabetes in adults, Actiste comes with a two-year subscription service for patients, including all consumables. The starter kit includes consumables and the all-in-one connected Actiste Device, which syncs with the Actiste Companion app, downloadable on iOS and Android. 

The app mirrors collected data and additional real-life data, like medication and personal data can also be manually inputted. Pioneers, the online diabetes community, offers peer support to users. 

Actiste uses eSIM technology with global out-of-the box connectivity, recording data on the Brighter network cloud with state-of-the art security standards. Patients can designate who has access to the information. The physician portal, Actiste HCP View, helps practitioners review information and optimise treatments.

Amid the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, Actiste also allows for better social distancing for diabetics, a high-risk group, while digitally collecting vital health data. 

“Data-driven telemedicine is critical as the pandemic requires social distancing. Plus, a daily treatment routine is a challenge to manage. Also, before medical check-ups, patients better regulate their diet and doses. Actiste’s data-centric approach provides a holistic review of medical conditions and alerts carers through time-stamped updates to manage chronic diseases efficiently,” explains Brighter Director,
Kristian Sandberg

Brighter continue to demonstrate the future of healthcare, right now.

“With the pandemic, Actiste is a vital telemedicine and digital health tool, giving patients real-time physician feedback while social distancing,” explains Kristian. “Actiste represents a growing trend and helps patients lead better lives, while reducing costs and boosting efficiency across the healthcare system,” he adds.

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Data-driven solutions for smarter treatment of chronic conditions.