Digital commerce diversifies – how to keep customer experience consistent?

More often than not, digital commerce and services already reach across a wide variety of devices and customer touch points.

Marko Rytkönen, Country Manager for Vaimo Finland.
Marko Rytkönen, Country Manager for Vaimo Finland.

The times when digital commerce was regarded simply as a website for online shopping are permanently gone, and the time has come to rethink the way digital commerce infrastructure should be set up to maintain its relevance regardless of where, when, and how it is encountered.

"At best, digital commerce creates lasting experiences – the kind that resonate with the brand in a way that makes a difference", says Marko Rytkönen, Country Manager for Vaimo Finland, one of the world’s most respected experts in digital commerce and experience. "As the number of touch points increase, so does the risk of losing consistency in delivering that experience."

Different solutions require different components and changing these components as new user interfaces are being developed puts the entire infrastructure under tremendous pressure to change accordingly. 

Unlike the most commonly used monolithic platform-based architecture, composable commerce is a concept built modularly using only the applications a company needs. 

“Decoupled architecture is often the best solution for companies who look for high flexibility and scalability,” says Rytkönen. “It enables individualized digital commerce and easy integrations with best-of-breed solutions.”

To further support consistent customer experience, composable commerce can be enhanced with features that, for example, support field sales in their traditional work, enable effective re-orders using NFC, and use product configurators to offer customizable complex products.

To succeed with composable commerce, a company needs proper organizational and cost management skills. Managing several technology stacks requires a different way of thinking as well. The digital world continues to evolve, and it is up to the leaders to ensure their business is fully future-proof – even and especially when it comes to their digital commerce infrastructure. 

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