Integration is the key to retaining foreign talent

To maintain their competitive edge and thrive, Finnish companies are increasingly dependent on their ability to bring in and retain expert workers from abroad. Becoming a genuinely multi-cultural company takes time and commitment, with integration and culture playing a central role in successful relocation and employee retention.

Integration is the key to retaining foreign talent

Integrating employees into the Finnish working environment is a task that requires versatile capabilities and proper planning, “a process that should start way before the move”, says Glennon Kiernan, Digital Learning Manager at Acolad.

“Companies expect their new talent to hit the ground running and be productive immediately. There are many things to learn and to take care of, and good spirit must be created for smooth integration,” Glennon adds.

There are many practical matters to handle: bank accounts, apartments and internet subscriptions are required, while transportation and even culture are unfamiliar to many who arrive. All these aspects need to be addressed for a smooth employee experience. 

“Language is the key to understanding the culture."

The operating environment for many companies may be global but learning about Finnish work culture is an essential element in successful relocation.

“Language is the key to understanding the culture, even if Finnish is not used at the workplace”, Liisa Ohtonen, Head of Learning Services at Acolad explains.

“When it comes to making people feel welcome – and in the longer run, retaining them – there is simply no substitute for it.”

The ones that leave always have a reason, and the most common one is that they did not feel like a part of the work community.

As Finland’s largest and most experienced language and relocation service provider, Acolad has the tools and expertise to make the process as smooth as possible. However, as Liisa Ohtonen and Glennon Kiernan emphasize, integration does not become a strength automatically. The more the management prioritizes integration as an integral element of the company culture, the more it can help in building a positive atmosphere and ensuring that foreign talent is retained for as long as possible.

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