From Sewing Machine Manufacturer to Becoming the Forerunner in User-friendly Printing Technology

Over 100 years old, the Brother Group is a Japanese multinational that was originally known for its sewing machines, and has, over the decades, transformed into a supplier of versatile printing technology as well as printing management and communications solutions. Its user-friendly devices and overall solutions aim at helping customers work smarter and more efficiently.

Brother, and the Brother Nordic’s subsidiary Brother Finland, which previously focussed on small and medium-sized enterprises have expanded their product range towards major customers. 

“Modern printers and multifunction devices reduce printing costs thanks to bigger ink cartridges and toners, and the new large displays improve user-friendliness. Devices can also be individually modified according to the customer’s needs,” say sales manager of Brother Finland Tom Forssell and product manager Sami Kivelä. 

With the slogan “At your side”, being close to the customer is part of the Brother operating philosophy. This means that customers receive the exact printing solutions they need from the company. The service also includes flexible financing solutions and comprehensive after-sales services, covering the whole Finland. 

“Most important for the customer, however, is that a device is reliable and easy to use. In the Nordic countries, our business equipment has a three-year unit replacement warranty. If the customer’s unit breaks down, they get a new unit in its place,” Sami Kivelä explains.

Text: Eila Lokka

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Brother on japanilainen elektroniikka-alan yritys. Yrityksen pääkonttori on Nagoyassa Japanissa, ja 16 tuotantolaitosta sekä 51 myyntitoimistoa 44 eri maassa.