Analysis of public image gives new leverage for business planning and target setting

There is no point in collecting data, if you
do not know what to do with it, says
Annele Aerikkala, CEO of Meedius International, the first Full Member of AMEC in Finland. AMEC is the International association for the measurement and evaluation of communication for leading companies in the field. 

Meedius International is a modern and experienced provider of comprehensive media monitoring & evaluation services. The company originates in the Nordic & Baltic countries, with a wide global partner and client network. 

The team at Meedius has well over 15 years of experience in full Reputation Management and Market Intelligence services, which has made the company a prominent and agile player in the market. 

There are people behind each analysis we do, not just computer calculated algorithms, says CEO Annele Aerikkala. She gives an example of Coca-Cola for whom Meedius International provides both daily publicity reports and evaluation services covering 14 countries. The analysis is based on variables such as the quantity of publicity over time, how wide an audience was reached, the tone of the publicity, as well as which themes and key messages were discussed in the media locally and internationally. 

Our clients also get a chance to benchmark themselves against other actors in the business field, and can thus take advantage of best practices. The Meedius experts help the clients understand and interpret the results of the media reputation analysis, explains Sanna Kurkela, SVP and Head of the Analysis and Consultative services. All of our services have the human touch, and our solutions are always tailor-made for each client. 

Meedius International has been accepted as Full Member of the International association for the measurement and evaluation of communication AMEC, as the first evaluation company in Finland. CEO Aerikkala is excited over the achievement and states that the AMEC Membership allows Meedius access to an even wider international network and to using the latest evaluation methods, which will benefit all of our clients. 

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Meedius International is a modern provider of comprehensive media monitoring, market intelligence and evaluation services. The company originates in the Nordic and Baltic countries – with a wide global network. The company HQ is in Finland. With an experienced team of experts, Meedius empowers global services with a local view. Using advanced technologies combined with human touch, we are able to provide accurate publicity and brand perception measurement services, as well as competitor benchmark analyses in any part of the world.