Efficient portfolio managers master risks in the electricity market

Price fluctuations in power market can be very large. Savon Voima Salkunhallinta Oy is well versed in managing electricity purchasing policies and risks, but also covers the broad business environment and market, on behalf of its customers’ best interests.

The prices of wholesale power market are impacted by many factors – from weather conditions, up to the EU support systems. In addition, market psychology affects prices like in any other trading.

Savon Voima Salkunhallinta Oy has been providing portfolio management services for institutions and utilities over fifteen years. The company has extensive and customized services, which is based on the best electricity market analysis, and strong expertise with many years of experience. The company is licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Commitment to partnership

“Through strategic planning and execution, as well as close communication we are a committed partner of our customers. We provide active monitoring, efficient analytical tools and in-depth knowledge of the industry,” says Juha Keski-Karhu, CEO of Savon Voima Salkunhallinta Oy.

The company’s customer range is from listed companies, such as Olvi, Ponsse, and SSAB, to smaller companies and SME groups. The hedging strategy depends on each customer’s business; after all, vegetable growers have different needs from those in the processing industry.

“A company or organization with an annual electricity consumption of at least 100–300 megawatt hours, should definitely consider portfolio management services,” states Portfolio Manager Risto Kinnunen.

Consultative portfolio management means that the customer makes the final decision based on the recommendations by Portfolio Manager. With full-service portfolio management, the Portfolio Manager implements the hedging strategy, agreed in partnership with the customer.

Attention to the trends

Portfolio management is a challenge because the operational environment is constantly changing and the political risks have increased. In addition, changes in the level of customer’s business activity affect portfolio management.

Portfolio Manager Matti Palosaari says, “We must be alert at all times in order to identify changes in trends. Our customers need to know the risks associated with their activities and the price of electricity now and in the future are important issues when planning investments.”

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