Halti: 40 years of first-hand experience with the great outdoors

Halti Oy has been the best-known sports clothing brand in Finland for 40 years. Established in 1976, the business has an excellent global reputation with downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and extreme weather conditions. Its new corporate image doesn’t just mean a new logo, the whole brand concept has been given a makeover.

The new Halti has set a clearer target at urban women keen on exercise. That doesn’t mean the brand has discarded men, or downhill, or skiing, or multi-sports, it’s just that the marketing efforts will be most visible in the outdoor activities and active lifestyle segments.

“In the big picture Halti will be investing more in the female customer segment who like to counterbalance busy working life with outdoor exercising and who generally lead an active lifestyle,” Halti Oy CEO from February 2016 Sami Kiiski says.

Global awareness

The brand’s extensive new collection includes products for every need and condition. The comprehensive collection can meet the demands of clients all over the world.

“China, for instance, is a very important market. Together with our local partner, we have invested in Halti Brand Store in the capital city Beijing. This guarantees our brand excellent visibility and sales on the growing market. Being a global brand, Halti products are sold in North America, Asia and Europe.”

Behind Halti’s long success is relentless desire to develop products to the level where little things make a big difference between success and being the second best. “Our commitment to quality, technology and innovation show in the Halti brand,” Sami Kiiski explains.

Success at ISPO

A clear example of Halti’s commitment to innovation and technology is winning the largest sports gear trade show ISPO 2016 Award for a high-tech sledge as part of ski expedition equipment, available in two versions.

“Halti’s sledge is light, durable and of very high quality. These are little things that can make or break your trip in extreme environments,” Sami Kiiski underlines, taking pride in Halti’s know-how and the company’s success at ISPO.


Comment from TV journalist

“I have produced and edited a Finnish motoring programme for 12 years, 40 programmes per year, the arctic winters included. Getting the job, the first thing I did was investing in Halti’s coat and trousers designed for extreme conditions. I have been wearing those, filming Porsche’s ice test in the freezing cold in Levi, Lapland, hundreds of cars in harsh stormy weather on the Helsinki shoreline with temperatures as low as -40C. The results of this really long extreme testing are as follows: 1) Both items still look as good as new. 2) I have never been cold, but I also have used layering with the warm base layer from Halti. For a good reason.”

– Antti Liinpää, editor

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Vuonna 1976 perustetun Haltin tarina sai alkunsa oivalluksesta että nauttiakseen ulkona liikkumisesta ja retkeilystä eri sääolosuhteissa ihmiset tarvitsivat kestäviä varusteita. Nyt 40 vuotta myöhemmin olemme edelleen samalla polulla ja haluamme inspiroida ihmisiä lähtemään luontoon, juoksemaan ylös vuoren rinnettä, samoilemaan metsään ja hiihtolenkille. Olemme olemassa jotta jokainen voisi löytää oman tapansa nauttia ulkoilusta ja kokea luonnosta kumpuavan hyvän mielen.