Your wallet will say ‘thanks’ to this water saving system

Our everyday water consumption, especially in terms of hot water use, has an impact on both our wallet and greenhouse gas emissions. We can easily forget that heating water triples its cost and increases carbon dioxide emissions. However, the Verto apartment based watermeter helps you save on water and your budget! 

A  Finn uses an average of 155 litres of water per day. Of this, approximately 60 percent is cold water, and the remaining 40 percent is of hot water. Yet, when apartment complexes have installed the handy Verto water meters in each unit, consumption has decreased by an average of 30 percent. 

“It’s simpler to decrease water consumption when you can monitor your own use on an easy-to-read display, while at the same time knowing that your neighbour’s water use is not influencing your own bill. Additionally, the water savings of the system can be seen immediately in your own budget,” explains Business Director Marko Paasu.

Consumption monitoring in real time

Now, it is even easier to monitor your own consumption. In December the new VertoMobile was launched, which can be downloaded from Apple and Android stores. With the VertoMobile app, the consumer receives usage data to their own phone in real time, as well as an alert if water consumption deviates from the norm. Thus, for example, an issue with your toilet’s flow-through can be more easily detected. 

The Verto water metering system is the result of more than 30 years of product development by the Finnish company, Vercon Oy.

“At our company, we are experts in the topic of water consumption and we are also able to produce predictive information for our users. Our reliable and exact Verto water metering system consists of remotely read Verto water meters with apartment-specific displays, the VertoLive cloud service for housing managers, and now the VertoMobile – a new innovation for consumers,” explains Paasu.

VertoLive is also an automated alarm system

VertoLive is easy to use with a browser, letting housing managers monitor water consumption apartment-by-apartment in a condominium or complex, and automatically produce the residents’ cold and hot water invoicing information. VertoLive also automatically alerts housing managers and janitorial services if water consumption has proceeded for two hours in any apartment.

Text: Maija-Liisa Saksa


Water consumption facts

  • Having water meters in each apartment decreases daily consumption per person by an average of 150 litres to 110–100 litres.
  • This also decreases a property’s need for heating energy by nearly 10 percent. 
  • Water consumption typically varies between 50 and 500 litres per person per day.

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