A cup of refreshment and joy

A cup of refreshment and joy

Over the millennia, tea has refreshed, calmed, and provided a vast experience of flavours. There has always been a right tea for every occasion, and each flavour can further enhance each palate. The passion of the Finnish tea house, Nordqvist, is to combine the aromas and flavours found in Finnish nature with the sophisticated taste of tea.

Riku Nordqvist, who leads the Nordqvist family business, emphasizes that quality is a matter of honour for them. “We taste every product batch we receive; we continually develop new taste experiences and pack the products beautifully. In addition to Finnish berries and flowers, we also use imported products to flavour different teas.” 

Out in the world with the taste of Moomin

Finns have had the opportunity to enjoy Nordqvist teas for nearly 40 years; and in recent years, it has also been available in Scandinavia, Central Europe, and Japan. For instance, Moomin Tea is available in the World of Delights shops in a number of airports, and of course in the Moomin Shop at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

“Our aim is to expand and offer high-quality Finnish tea all around the world. Our new factory will be completed in Nurmijärvi in 2018,” says Riku Nordqvist.

Text: Maija-Liisa Saksa

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Suomalainen teetalo Nordqvist on toiminut vuodesta 1979. Toimintansa yritys aloitti maustettuihin teelaatuihin ja irtomyyntiin erikoistuneena vähittäiskauppaliikkeenä. Yrityksen ensisijaiset tavoitteet ovat olleet samat yrityksen perustamisesta lähtien: "laadukas ja hyvänmakuinen tee sekä tuoteturvallisuus".