Added value through high-quality engineering services

Jimexo Tech Oy from Tampere is a fast-growing company that provides versatile technical preplanning and implementation planning services as well as an expertise in safety services. The engineering company was established in 2010 and already employs over 40 people; they are aiming their services at the country’s capital region.

The company has received excellent feedback on its engineering projects; consistently meeting their customer’s needs, the projects are technologically functional and financially profitable. Timo Heinisuo, CEO and founder of Jimexo, credits his employees for their success.

“Our skilled employees have a key part in ensuring quality. This means ensuring that there are no engineering errors and that costs and schedules are adhered to.”

In addition to a focus on employee wellbeing, Jimexo has focused on communication, marketing, sales and lead generation. “We have productized our services into five categories that appeal to customers. In these, we try to find ready concepts and in pricing we also have a new model, which makes our customers enthusiastic, explains Heinisuo.”

Text: Eila Lokka

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Jimexo Tech Oy on vuonna 2010 perustettu teknisiä suunnittelu- ja asiantuntijapalveluja tuottava yhtiö. Toteutamme kemian-, metsä- ja teknologiateollisuuden projektit ammattitaidolla ja räätälöidysti asiakkaan tarpeiden mukaisesti. Jimexo Tech Oy:n toimitusjohtajana toimii Timo Heinisuo, joka on myös yhtiön perustaja. Jimexo Tech Oy:n emoyhtiö on Jimexo Group Oy.