BDO is passionate about exceptional client service

BDO is passionate about exceptional client service

Smart business crystallizes as exceptional client service in the everyday life of BDO, one of the world’s largest accounting and consulting organisations. But what does it mean for you?

Providing smart business services is not just an extra from us; it’s our primary focus. We want to understand what our clients feel is essential, from their point of view, in order to be able to offer the best expertise and in-depth industry insight,” emphasizes Eija Kuittinen, Leader, Corporate Finance and Transactions. The service options offered by BDO are Audit, Tax & Legal, Business Services & Outsourcing, and Advisory services. 

Audits identify development areas 

Auditor Joonas Selenius agrees. “In my mind, a statutory audit is an excellent chance to identify development areas in the client’s processes. For example, it could mean a risk assessment, where one reduces the risks of irregularities in the purchasing and sales processes.”

“It may astonish somebody to hear that auditing is a place for innovation; but it is exactly that for us, because we live the client’s everyday life through the figures,” Kuittinen adds.

Experience + fresh eyes = works! 

Exceptional client service also means that experienced professionals and young experts work hard, together, in the best interests of the client. 

“It’s a fine thing that young doers have space for innovations of their own here. I also appreciate that our company is at the very cutting edge of technology,” Selenius states. Internationalization also adds an additional competitive edge to expert work. BDO is a global company that works in 158 countries with more than 67 000 professionals. Of these, 170 top experts work in Finland.

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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BDO on poikkeuksellisen hyvään asiakaspalveluun erikoistunut talouden ja hallinnon palveluiden asiantuntijaorganisaatio. Kansainvälisesti BDO on alan johtava pk-sektorin talousjohtajien tarpeisiin keskittyvä asiantuntijayritys, joka toimii 158 maassa yli 67 000 asiantuntijan voimin.