Finland’s second cryptocurrency heats up the revolution of it

Finland’s second cryptocurrency heats up the revolution of it

The prophecy tells that blockchain is going to revolutionize the world of information technology. Not only will it replace database solutions of financial activities but also the whole field of business is going to witness a new dawn.

H.E.A.T. Ledger is a newly found Finnish startup whose founders Svante Lehtinen and Dennis de Klerk are also the masterminds behind Finland’s first cryptocurrency FIMK, launched in 2014. While FIMK was a token of a non-profit association Finland’s second cryptocurrency HEAT has been created for businesses – optimized for speed and architected for example crowdfunding and any kinds of public stock arrangements. HEAT embodies a completely new way of structuring cryptocurrency and asset ledger.

“HEAT is technically a dual layer crypto platform where blockchain is able to sustain throughput of at least 1000 transactions per second 24/7. The problem with commonly known Bitcoin has been that it´s too slow for business use,” Svante Lehtinen explains.

Blockcain is a distributed database of any events, that once recorded can´t be altered anymore.

“HEAT’s blockchain solutions have far superior security, flexibility, and cost effectiveness compared to legacy IT systems. While it might be hard to see the advantages of blockchain now, when the need comes it might already be too late. We are the system supplier, the middleware for new generations.”

Text: Pauliina Toivanen

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H.E.A.T. Ledger

H.E.A.T. Ledger

HEAT Ledger is 3rd generation cryptocurrency with high frequency trading, instant messaging, custom assets, hybrid PoS reward system and more.