Thoreau knocks out bottled water

Thoreau knocks out bottled water

It’s shocking. 92 billion bottles of water are sold in Europe every year. Many of those bottles end up along our roads and in our waterways. Besides this, an enormous amount of energy is used to process, ship and store bottled water. Thoreau knocks out bottled water by producing top quality water on the spot.

Thoreau uses local tap water, filters it, chills it, and serves it as still or sparkling. It provides top quality water without the waste of bottling and transporting water over long distances. Filtered water also enhances delicate flavours in food and drinks.

Thoreau is a Swedish design concept named after the philosopher Henry David Thoreau. He wrote about sustainable choices and natural resources, and it was only natural to name the concept after him.

Today Thoreau is used by restaurants, hotels, convention centres and businesses which simultaneously demand high quality and environmentally sustainable methods. The Thoreau concept includes the machinery, designer glass bottles, installation, maintenance, carbonators and filters. At a fixed monthly cost you can drink and serve locally produced water – still or sparkling.

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Text: David J. Cord

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