Wapice delivers success with IoT-ticket

Wapice delivers success with IoT-ticket

Wapice was born in the Internet of Things. In fact, when it was founded in 1999 what we today call the IoT didn’t even have a name. Instead people referred to a mobile internet for industry.

Headquartered in Vaasa, the company has over 300 specialists in eight locations across Finland. Wapice specialises in the industrial internet: they create tailored solutions for their clients but also have a unique offering, IoT-Ticket.

“IoT-Ticket is a complete platform covering data acquisition, analytics, dashboard and reporting,” explains CEO Pasi Tuominen. “It is browser-based and is very easy to use. For instance, you can build a working dashboard in 30 minutes.”

The IoT-Ticket platform can be thought of as a concept similar to a suite of office programs. You can create reports as easy as writing a document, analyse like with a spreadsheet, or build a dashboard as you would create a presentation.

“The IoT-Ticket platform can be thought of as a concept similar to a suite of office programs.”

The dashboard has over 30 widgets in order to visualise data, and functionality can be added simply by connecting blocks of data to logic and widget blocks. Real-time alarms and notifications can be created by user-defined events, while reports can be created using templates.

“Some of the main uses for IoT Ticket are with mobile machines, buildings and production lines,” Tuominen continues. “For instance, you can track how and where a bus or truck is being used. A building can monitor its temperature and purchase energy for heating or cooling when the price is cheapest. Advanced condition monitoring can enable predictive maintenance in a pulp and paper factory.”

Another field Wapice has entered is 3D and augmented reality to deliver new service and support experiences for industry. A mobile device can be used to see the internal functioning of a motor, for instance, or where electric wires run in a building’s walls.

“You can even retrieve information from the cloud by imaging a barcode or logo,” Tuominen says. “In health care, you can get patient info from an image of the patient’s face. This is not theory; this is possible in practice.”

Text: David J. Cord

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