The data driven way to do business

The data driven way to do business

Getting data is not enough. You have to do something with it.

The CEO of Aureolis, Katja Ahola, believes that gathering information is only half of the problem. What is just as important is how that data is used.

“We work with companies to integrate the IoT into business intelligence,” she explains. “We give insight and concrete ways for our clients to improve their decision making.”

Aureolis specialises in business intelligence services. Founded in 2001, they have 80 employees who have completed 1,000 projects in data warehousing, reporting, analytics and knowledge management.

“We connect internal data sources to an interface in order to access and analyse the data,” Ahola continues. “We often combine multiple sources of data – internal and external – to improve the decision making process.”

Continuous business intelligence

Markus Rautopuro, Aureolis’ Director of New Business Development, cites their customer Alfapac as an example. Alfapac produces plastic films, but their manufacturing process is highly dependent upon correct temperatures to produce the best material.

“Temperature sensors were placed at different heights in their factory, from floor level up to the top of the extruder,” says Rautopuro. “We gathered this information and combined it with open weather data. The data is analysed with weather forecasting and the solution is to alter the temperature in the process hall when necessary, so the quality comes out perfect.”

Aureolis performs a lot of such business intelligence services for the financial industry, but they see similar applications for a variety of businesses. Manufacturing and construction are the new frontier, as these industries have traditionally been more process-oriented.

“This is continuous business intelligence,” Rautopuro explains. “Decision making projects used to be IT driven, but today it is an ongoing process. We give the ability to properly analyse problems and find solutions.”

“If a company has challenges using their data they should contact us,” says Ahola. “We have people with experience in different sectors and we offer company-specific solutions. Consultants might give high-level strategies, but you need someone to execute. Aureolis makes it happen.”

Text: David J. Cord

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