Food to Home is the food ordering app that gets you on the map anywhere in Europe

Food to Home is the food ordering app that gets you on the map anywhere in Europe

Are you heading to a European destination and already wondering how to find the best restaurants there? The good news is that by downloading the Food to Home mobile app you’re instantly connected to the local scene and able to order food online – securely, and in your own language, no matter where you are. 

Usually, your first thought when arriving at a new destination is how to find the tastiest local restaurants – basically, where and how can you quickly find the best restaurants available? Food to Home solves that problem for you, since it is the first mobile restaurant service that works in all European languages and countries. Meaning that, with its help, you´re immediately up to date on the local restaurant map, and what’s more – in your own language. 


Regardless of whether you´re at a hotel, in a rented flat, at the office or even on the road, with Food to Home, you can get your meal delivered easily to your location using the restaurant’s own delivery service, pick up your meal yourself, or enjoy it in the restaurant. The main thing is that you can do it without any extra hassle by submitting, and paying for your order in advance. You can also receive interesting offers from local restaurants directly to your phone – wherever you are. 


Perhaps on your travels, you’ve had that unexpected encounter of a restaurant that does not accept one of your cards or, because of connection problems, have had your card swiped so many times you dread what the final sum of your credit card bill could be. Food to Home overcomes these problems by accepting all payment cards. The app’s payment transactions are secured at the highest possible level, with a global payment service provider – the same which Netflix and Spotify uses – running in the background. This way, all of your restaurant purchases are protected, with the receipts saved together in the Food to Home service, where you can look over your transactions whenever and wherever you wish. 


Food to Home has also turned earning logics upside down by launching a new era of the sharing economy. One of the underlying ideas of the Food to Home’s Finnish developers is to employ (for instance) European young people by allotting 30% of the turnover of Food to Home to users activating restaurants.

In practice, it works like this: With the Food to Home app you can already find 300,000 European restaurants. You have the opportunity to activate restaurants shown in the service, or any other restaurant into the service, by a personal code. When your restaurant registers in the online service, you will receive 30% of the turnover of every order made through Food to Home. The more restaurants you activate, the more you earn.

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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