Automated transport works if data security is sophisticated enough

Automated transport works  if data security is sophisticated enough

Automatic means of transport are on their way, but need more intelligence to get by in traffic. Finland is an excellent laboratory for automatic transport projects such as ROBUSTA, where Nodeon Oy is developing a remote control system for vehicles.

What makes Finland a good testing ground for transport? Finland is a pioneer country from a technological and legislative point of view thanks to the state administration, which has decided to encourage companies and communities to take action. In the field of transportation, the Finnish Transport Agency and The Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi have boldly and responsibly started promoting automation of road transport through experiments. The cities are also a significant factor in the experimentation, like the City of Helsinki in the ROBUSTA project, for instance, as Director Jarno Kallio from Nodeon Oy says.

Nodeon has been involved in implementing the industrial Internet in intelligent transport systems, mainly in connection with transport infrastructure. “Now we have focused our competence on automated vehicles in the ROBUSTA research project, where we are responsible for the technical implementation of the remote control system. The aim of the project is to develop a safe, manufacturer-independent remote control system for automatic vehicles.” 

More intelligence, please!

According to Kallio, automated means of transport are on their way, but they still need human assistance in order to manage in traffic. “A plastic bag in the driveway may be an obstacle that automatic vehicles cannot solve independently, whereupon they stop. 

“In the ROBUSTA project, a reliable and safe remote control system for buses will in fact be created, allowing temporary remote control of buses and making it possible to adapt it for other vehicles in different traffic conditions later. The remote control system that will be developed through the project will accelerate the arrival of automated vehicles in traffic and help them fulfill their business potential. We believe that automated transport will improve overall traffic safety, if the data security of the automated traffic ecosystem is sufficiently sophisticated.

Text: Mia Heiskanen

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