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Customised transport services without compromising on quality

Customised transport services without compromising on quality

FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy, a part of the Nordic FREJA Group, offers flexible, customised transport solutions by road, sea and air with more than 30 years’ experience. The turnover of the company is expected to exceed EUR 70 million this year and the trend is upwards.

The company has strong roots in the Finnish transport and forwarding history. In 2003 when Jörgen Hansen founder of FREJA and CEO Matti Urmas bought the Finnish company Maa ja Meri Oy, which was originally established in 1942, the turnover of the four-person company was just € 2 million. Now the Finnish FREJA employs 50 people and makes excellent profits each year.

“Our angle of incidence on logistics differs from that of others in that our customers do not need to step into our transport pipeline – we always build solutions based on their needs,” says Matti Urmas.

A success story is born from people

The second largest unit in the FREJA Group is an important service provider in Finland. For the success, Matti Urmas commends committed and motivated employees, efficient IT solutions and marketing communication.  

“We are a trendsetter in the electronic business. You don’t win market share with PowerPoint presentations, but with the world’s best employees that have the best tools at their disposal, with which they serve customers better than others.”  

“Logistics is a human and network business, around which international logistics is always built. When you master these, a success story is born,” he says.

According to Seppo Romana, Managing Director of Romana Management, which takes part in FREJA Finland’s recruitment and development of activities, Freja is an excellent employer, something that customers can also see.

“FREJA is one of the best workplaces that we have cooperated with,” he says.

As foreign trade picks up, the flexibility, accessibility, and customer-orientation of the logistics company are important competition factors – these along with production, which goes hand in hand with customer service and sales.  

“We also have a very extensive service portfolio that includes road transports, combined transports, sea and air freight as well as special and project transports all over the world. We can ourselves choose the best cooperation partners, which gives us a significant competitive edge,” says Urmas.

text: Eila Lokka

FREJA TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS is a Nordic logistics and forwarding group, established in 1985. In 2016, it had a turnover of 327 million. It has over 600 employees. 


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FREJA tarjoaa korkealaatuisia kuljetus- ja logistiikkaratkaisuja sekä räätälöityä, henkilökohtaista asiakaspalvelua. FREJA on Pohjoismaiden suurimpia yksityisessä omistuksessa olevia kuljetus- ja logistiikkayrityksiä, jolla on toimipisteitä Tanskassa, Suomessa, Ruotsissa, Norjassa ja Kiinaan. FREJA perustettiin v. 1985. Frejan liikevaihto oli 158 miljoonaa (vuonna 2021), ja oli Fonectan mukaan Turun 9. suurin yritys.

- Noin 850 pressutraileria ja noin 80 traileria lämpötilasäädeltyihin kuljetuksiin
- Kappaletavara
- Täys- ja osakuormat
- Express-kuljetukset (pikarahti)

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Pääkonttori: Linnankatu 90 D, 20100 Turku Puh: +358 (0)20 712

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