Kouvola’s RRT project allows the fastest Northern Europe Asia rail freight connection

Kouvola’s RRT project allows the fastest Northern Europe Asia rail freight connection

Kouvola, the biggest railroad logistics center in Finland and the best in Northern Europe, is strengthening its position as a traffic hub for Europe and Asia through the Rail Road Terminal (RRT) project. At the core of the project lies the transport corridor between Northern Europe and Asia, which offers rail freights the shortest and fastest connection between Europe and Asia. 

Thanks to the transport corridor, it is possible to get from Xi’an in Central China to Kouvola in about ten days, changing the competitive situation on the world market for industries that require fast goods deliveries. There is only one change of gauge along the route and trains arrive in one piece in Kouvola, saving time.

“Finnish companies previously sent containers via Hamburg to the East, so the new connection will now cut the distance to Asia like Finnair does in passenger transport,” explains Simo Päivinen, Development Director at Kouvola Innovation Oy.

Improved competitiveness with fast and efficient logistics

The RRT project includes an intermodal terminal planned for trains up to

1 100 meters long next to logistics-based areas reserved for small-scale industry, trade, and services, where cargo changes mode of transport without the need to split up trains for different loading tracks. The area offers everybody open, independent, equal and non-discriminatory open-access services according to the single-window concept. 

These will be realized through the City of Kouvola’s versatile supply of lots in the midst of excellent transport connections.

“We act as a hub, especially for companies that are engaged in Asian import and export. We also offer a competitive location for further processing and warehousing, which receive synergies from the 200 other companies operating on the region,” says Petteri Portaan

korva, Development Director of the City of Kouvola. 

“We try to offer all companies that settle here all the services they need via one contact person,” promises Simo Päivinen. 

Text: Eila Lokka

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RRT Kouvola

RRT Kouvola

In a comparison between European logistics centers in 2015, Kouvola was ranked number one in the Nordic Countries and the Baltic States and number 32 in the whole of Europe. 300 logistics centers from 30 European countries were included in the comparison. Kouvola also has the only European core network (TEN-T) railroad terminal in Finland.