Trade Union Pro renews itself: Becoming a trendsetter in the trade union movement using lessons learned from the business world

Jorma Malinen, chairperson of Trade Union Pro, for experts and supervisors, is revitalizing the organization by introducing operating models that have been proven in business life. Among these are clear management structures with well-defined ranges of responsibility and customer service and communication systems that have been brought into the digital age. 

Jorma Malinen’s 30-year career as a shipbuilding expert, 15 years as a board member of a shipyard, and his many years as chairman of the board of Pro give him a broad perspective of which kind of services the members need and through which channels they need them. 

The internal and external communication of the organization has been updated and electrified. Positivity and customer service thinking, familiar from business life, were chosen as starting points. At the same time, the public image and brand of the union are being reviewed.

“Our members, who are of various ages, are at different stages of their working life and studies. That is why we cannot approach them with the same message. Through interviews, we get information on how we should approach different target groups,” Malinen says.

Member services move into the digital age

Next, the union will offer its members a job exchange that can be downloaded to mobile devices. Members who have registered for the service will be offered jobs that match their skills, and not the other way around. In addition, the newsletter together with the membership card and its membership benefits have both been transported to mobile devices.

“A member who is registered in the membership card app gets daily topical messages and offers from us instead of paper-based newsletters. On our website, you can also find our own ProTV and an enormous amount of search results.” 

”At the moment, topical themes include the changes that digitalization entails in working life, as well as conversion training.”

Trade Union Pro aims to get quick conversion training, based upon the needs of the business community, for those employees whose jobs disappear through digitalization. Thus, they can quickly get access to working life again. 

During company visits, Malinen also tries to find out what kind of digital strategy the company has in place. 

“Finnish companies cannot compete if we are not one of the top countries in automation and digitalization. Otherwise, our members would also not have work or workplaces,” he states.

Text: Eila Lokka

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