It is easy to recognize the quality of Lähitaksi

Lähitaksi has gone through a monumental metamorphosis in order to make it even easier for taxi passengers to recognize quality. From the beginning of the year 2018, you will be able to recognize Lähitaksi’s high-quality services on the body tapings of the cars, the service attitude of the drivers, and their work uniforms. 

Lähitaksi has been dispatching taxis with excellence in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Uusimaa region since 1965. “We are a 52-year-old, reputable, reliable taxi dispatch company, whose services center around offering uniformly high-quality services 24/7. With the upcoming taxi legislation reforms, it may become difficult for consumers to differentiate between taxi operators, so for our part we wish to help the consumer recognize a high-quality traditional taxi service,” tells Lähitaksi’s marketing manager Heidi Säynäjoki. 

A comprehensive metamorphosis

Lähitaksi has gone through a massive transformation in the last year. Quality has always been the mainstay of Lähitaksi, but during the renewal of our brand the company wanted to ensure that it would permeate the entire chain from ordering a taxi until the end of the trip. The metamorphosis has affected Lähitaksi’s entire fleet and all the drivers. 

In practice, the metamorphosis means that from next year, all Lähitaksi cars will be colored black, white or silver grey. All cars have recognizable Lähitaksi body taping and the drivers will wear work uniforms. In addition, all drivers have gone through quality training, which aims at ensuring uniform quality.  

According to Säynäjoki, even the smallest details from easy ordering of your taxi are part of the comprehensive service experience, including things like the taxi arriving as agreed and on time, the driver greeting you, taking your luggage, and opening the door even after the trip.  

You can choose the Premium service

If a taxi passenger wants a more personalized VIP service, in the future you can also order the Premium taxi service from Lähitaksi. “This means Lähitaksi will offer customers the option of ordering, for instance, a black car without body taping and with a chauffeur wearing a black suit,” Säynäjoki explains.

Text: Mia Heiskanen


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Lähitaksi provides everyone in the capital area prime service 24 hours a day and every day of the year. We wish to fulfill our customers demands in a way that will leave our customers image of an easy, quick and friendly service all the way from the first call to order to the end of the ride.Lähitaksi was founded in 1965. In the beginning the centre consisted of 90 taxis. These days Lähitaksi actively dispatches rides in 19 cities surrounding Helsinki and has over 1 200 taxis serving customers..