Kaufmann places the human at the center in healthcare service and technology development

Kaufmann places the human at the center in healthcare service and technology development

Petra Jäntti, CEO of the strategic service design agency Kaufmann believes that Finland has the prerequisites to rise to a position as a leading country in healthcare service and technology development – if customer needs and aspirations are placed at the center of all thinking and doing.   

Kaufmann focuses exclusively on healthcare development. “We help our clients in the social services and healthcare sector to develop more human-oriented services, better processes and more meaningful dialogue. Our multidisciplinary design team works in Finland and in the other Nordic countries, with more humane healthcare as our shared goal.” 

Are we doing the right thing? 

Kaufmann tracks development in the sector from the front row. The healthcare sector is in transition: an anticipated national reform is changing the rules of the game, new actors are entering the industry, and digitalization and big data often cause more confusion that stress relief among both patients and professionals. This is where the developers of new services and innovations should ask the following questions: are we really doing the right thing? Do we truly understand people’s motivation and needs? Are our solutions usable and easy to understand? If we want to develop services that work, we must shift our focus from clinical, technological or data-driven approaches to human-centered ones. 

Design thinking for positive impact

These questions only scratch the surface of the challenges that Kaufmann are dealing with together with their clients and networks. “We analyze the client’s present situation, identify possibilities for new business concepts or technologies, and quickly develop solutions with our agile co-design process. Everything we do grounded in design thinking, so we always start with a user-oriented approach to challenges at hand. Our solid experience in the healthcare sector and strategic understanding ensures that our solutions are viable and that they have a positive impact on both individuals and society.” 

Text: Mia Heiskanen  

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