Breaking into new markets with project expertise

Breaking into new markets with project expertise

Projects in the energy infrastructure and industry sectors have become larger, more complex and more global in recent years. Success depends on having the right people and making sure they’re in the right location at the right time. 

Founded in 1983 and with a global network of offices, Dovre Group serves customers around the world. The company provides advanced project personnel and project management consultancy services. Its largest customers are the energy sector, especially the oil and gas business. 

“We offer advisory services, resource solutions and IT services related to project governance and project management. Trustworthiness is key in our relationships with every client we serve and every consultant we hire. We understand the challenges our clients face and have the know-how and experience to support them, from the start to the end of their projects”, says Patrick von Essen, CEO of Dovre Group.

Dovre Group is one of the most international Finnish stock listed companies, with 98% of its net sales generated outside Finland. Dovre is also the only Finnish company accredited by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance to audit public projects in Norway. 

“Our roots are in the off-shore business of the North Sea. In recent years we have entered into new markets, including renewable energy, infrastructure and industry. Our 500 professionals do their work in the most demanding projects you can imagine on land, sea and in the air. Currently, we’re involved in projects such as Canada’s largest renewable energy project, off-shore oil projects in Pacific Russia, huge railroad projects in Norway, massive vessel projects in Singapore as well as construction projects in Dubai”, lists von Essen. 

Global, yet flexible

Oil and gas investment activity has been at a low level in the past few years. Another change Dovre is facing is the rapid digitalisation and globalisation of the business.

“When the oil and gas industry investments pick up again, there will be a massive competition for talent. We’re already preparing for that. We can already meet client demand much faster and with more accuracy than a few years ago.” According to von Essen, Dovre’s mission is to be the project partner of choice for the world’s best companies. He knows how to get there.

“We’re different – we are really focused on competence and quality. We’re large enough to have a global reach, yet small enough to be flexible and nimble. And being one of the very few stock listed companies in our trade, we are transparent and fully compliant.”

Text: Kati Keturi

Dovre Group provides advisory services, project management solutions and professional project personnel

  • Partners include leading private and public organizations
  • Focused on projects in the energy infrastructure and industry sectors
  • Offices in Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the United States
  • Employs approx. 500 project professionals 
  • Net sales of EUR 83.8 million (2016)

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Dovre Group provides advisory services, project management solutions and professional project personnel. We partner with leading private and public organizations, ensuring successful development and execution of major projects. Our focus is in energy, mining, pulp and paper, and building infrastructure.