Safely up in the sky: Trust is the foundation for working at height

Safely up in the sky: Trust is the foundation for working at height

Finnish company Dinolift Oy has designed and manufactured high-quality DINO mobile elevating work platforms for more than 40 years. Today, customers around the world trust the company to take them up to the job.

Dinolift’s Chairman of the Board and Director of Sales, Marketing and Communication Karin Nars says that the company has always kept a close eye on changing customer needs. “We are constantly listening to our customers and monitoring the market to bring new machines into our offering and improve existing models in line with customer and market feedback.”

Dinolift is also fully committed to continuous product and service development. Thanks to the company’s large product development unit, products and production can be adjusted to meet new business challenges swiftly and flexibly.

“We’re continuously developing our product range, which allows us to launch new, specialized machines and customize production. We also design and manufacture lifts that are suitable for extremely demanding jobs. For instance, the lightweight self-propelled DINO 280RXT MEWP with outriggers is perfect for places with weight limits, sloping terrain, and sites that are hard to access with heavy equipment.”  

100% customer-driven innovation

Dinolift’s DNA is based on a very Finnish character trait – reliability. When Finns promise something, they tend to keep their promise too. 

“Our customers get our full support from the moment they invest in a Dino. For us, reliability is a source of pride and the foundation for good customer service. When our work platforms enable people to do their jobs safely and efficiently, we as a company are up to the job,” says Karin Nars.

Text: Eila Lokka

Dinolift Oy is a manufacturer of mobile elevation work platforms with an export rate of 85% of production. DINO lifts have been sold in more than 40 countries all over the world. The main market areas are the Nordic countries and Northern Europe.

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Dinolift Oy is a Finnish company that manufactures and sells high-quality DINO MEWPs for different applications, mainly to the rental business, but also to end users. DINO MEWPs allow you to work above ground safely and effectively, while offering an enjoyable user experience from the ground up.DINO lifts have been sold to more than 40 countries around the world, with exports accounting for 85% of production. The company’s main markets are in the Nordic countries and Northern Europe.