Built-in innovation yields success

Built-in innovation yields success

The origin of Aurelia Turbines lies in the technology developed over 30 years by the Lappeenranta University of Technology. Combining the technology with innovative ideas, Aurelia Turbines produces a high efficiency, 400 kW rated gas turbine that can utilise not only gaseous, but also liquid and renewable fuels. 

Our main market is the use of electricity and steam in small and medium-sized industries. We want to be recognised as the world’s best-selling gas turbine manufacturer,” says Matti Malkamäki, CEO of Aurelia Turbines.

Due to better operation capabilities and higher efficiency on partial loads, possibilities are vast. The company has built its ownership model so that it’s possible to accommodate new and additional small investors.

“Industrial cogeneration is an almost completely untapped market possibility. Our turbine is especially designed to enable these applications. Start-up companies are traditionally owned by a small circle: we want to do things differently. Early this year, we got investors on board from Kenya. They originally wanted to buy turbines but were so enthusiastic with the opportunity that they became investors, as well. Partnering is also vital. We want to focus on our core competencies, allowing others to utilise the technology for their own end projects.”

The road ahead

The market for decentralised energy for the traditional technologies, such as engines and turbines is approx. 30 billion euros annually in new investments. Engines have majority, covering more than 95% of all installations.

“Maintenance amounts to even more. Conventual engines are good equipment when using standard fuel (such as natural gas) and when it comes to producing not only electricity, but also warm water preferably steadily, i.e. full power at all times. The market is however re-inventing itself with renewable fuels. People want to use a variety of renewable fuels. Instead of hot water they wish to produce steam, hot or even cold air for their own processes. All this is changing with the increasing demands and focus on energy efficiency. For instance, electric cars require new DC charging stations and their own small power plants. Furthermore, the emissions of these plants are emerging as a major topic of discussion. The emissions of about 300 ppm NOx of engines are too high for many market areas. All this contributes to the emergence of turbine technology – and we are on the front line,” Malkamäki comments.  

The company is currently focused on the first serial production. It begun last year and first deliveries will be this summer. 

“We’ve also started developing the so-called integrator model, where our partners acquire the main components of our turbine and they’re responsible for the final turbine configuration. We’ve already announced some of these partnerships in Europe and in Mexico. The following releases will take place in countries such as Russia and USA. We are pleased to have a global presence,” he concludes.

Text: Kati Keturi

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Aurelia Turbines

Aurelia Turbines

Aurelia Turbines manufacture robust, highly efficient gas turbines. The turbines are built for multiple applications such as CHP, steam process, O&G and can utilise a wide range of renewable and non-standard fuels.