Naturally from Finland

ISKU brings sustainable design to life at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Naturally from Finland

Those who visit Snow Cape, the Finland pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, are in for a treat. The exterior has been designed to replicate a traditional Arabic tent covered in a thin white layer of snow. The interior will serve as an avenue for businesses, cultures and people to connect and share ideas. To ensure each encounter is memorable, ISKU has designed and furnished the VIP and conference area of Snow Cape, the Finland Majilis, with masterpieces of Finnish design.

 “We are proud to have supplied the Finland pavilion with high-quality, sustainable and most importantly, safe furniture. Expo 2020 Dubai is the perfect platform for people to engage with one another. For all those visiting the Finland Majilis we aim to provide memorable experiences from Finland, showcase Finnish nature, and share our sustainability journey,” said Arto 
Tiitinen, CEO of ISKU.

Responsible sustainability from generation to generation

Finnish design is known for its aesthetic qualities, functionality and high-quality craftmanship. ISKU has been a pioneer in bringing sustainability and a love of nature to the forefront of the design industry and were instrumental in developing environmentally friendly and nature saving manufacturing solutions. 

ISKU’s story dates back to 1928 and is deeply rooted in northern nature, Finnish wood and the founder Eino Vikström’s carpentry skills. Nearly 100 years later, the family-owned company continues to uphold these values, taking responsibility for each other and the environment. To ISKU, sustainable development comes naturally and operating responsibly means only making value-driven choices and considered actions. With this consistent approach, ISKU is establishing a lasting legacy by providing future generations with a cleaner, safer environment to study, work and thrive.  

“Circular economy thinking runs throughout the entire lifecycle of our products, from the drawings on the designer’s desk to the furniture’s last use. By its very nature, a family-owned business builds its vision and operations for future generations. It does not compromise on sustainability for the sake of short-term profits,” emphasises Tiitinen.

Investing in innovations. Caring for life.

ISKU is not only responsible for the environment but also for people. The team has developed the world’s first antimicrobial furniture collections to reduce the spread of infection by providing cleaner, healthier and safer environments. ISKU+ antimicrobial materials in contact surfaces prevent the growth of microbes and reduce the infection routes in schools, hospitals, offices and any multi-user environments. The ISKU+ technologies can reduce harmful microbes by up to 99.99 per cent, and as a further signal of caring for life, the antimicrobial solutions are available and affordable for all.

“The Finland Majilis is furnished with ISKU’s antimicrobial furniture to ensure each visitor is welcomed into a clean and safe environment. I encourage all visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai to visit Snow Cape where you can learn more about Finland, Finnish happiness and our sustainable choices,” concluded Tiitinen.

Come and fall in love with the ISKU solutions at the Finland Pavilion, or learn more about each collection at

Editor: David J. Cord

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