Posiva Solutions provides tailored expert services in the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel

Posiva Solutions benefits customers by refining Posiva’s decades-long experience in design, R&D and implementation by having a cutting-edge knowledge about the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. To deliver the best value to clients Posiva Solutions manages an international network of partners which enlarges their offering and ensuring clients will reach their goals.

Posiva Solutions can add value to nuclear waste management programme by saving time and cost. Typical phases of the spent nuclear fuel repository life cycle are design, construction and operation, where Posiva Solutions holds extensive experience. Posiva Solutions focuses on the sales of the know-how and technologies their parent company Posiva has accumulated from their design and R&D activities in the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. Posiva Solutions delivers client value over the entire life cycle of a spent nuclear fuel final disposal programme.

Posiva is the first nuclear waste management organisation to start industrialised final disposal. Prior to proceeding to the operational phase Posiva will conduct the Trial Run of Final Disposal (TRFD). 

The TRFD comprises the whole disposal process but will be performed with dummy fuel assemblies. Posiva Solutions is offering a unique opportunity for national waste management organisations to monitor and learn how about the final disposal process from the interim storage to the deep geological repository ONKALO®. 


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Posiva Solutions provides tailored services in final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. Our mission is to add value to the nuclear waste management programmes of our Clients by turning our experience into Client's benefit. The expertise of Posiva Solutions is based on the decades-long experience of Posiva in the research and development, design and construction of the deep geological repository ONKALO®.


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