HR and Payroll don’t work like they used to

For over fifty years Aditro has believed in putting peoples’ needs in the centre of the HR and payroll processes. Their history of innovation has always followed the philosophy of using technology to help people get more out of their jobs.

HR and Payroll don’t work like they used to

“Our mission is to make HR and Payroll easy and accessible for everyone and enable the HR and payroll experts to focus on delivering first-class HR and payroll services instead of using their time in executing the processes,” says Martin Sjögren, CEO of Aditro.

The future of HR and Payroll is in the cloud

Aditro offers flexible cloud solutions that serve all needs within HR and Payroll, from master data management, time reporting and expense reports to payroll and business analytics. As a Nordic vendor the solutions are complaint with local Nordic regulations. One of the main benefits Aditro provides to businesses is making the best use of technology to give people the freedom to concentrate on the things they do best. With the help of the advanced technology, repetitive tasks are automated and employees can instead focus on bringing value to the company.

“For instance, many of the complex and time-consuming tasks related to different authorities can be automated, which doesn´t only save time for payroll specialists, but also minimises risks of consequences of not meeting the legal demands,” Sjögren says. “Cloud and mobile technology are the main drivers to improve our clients´ working day. With mobile technology managers and employees can handle their HR needs simply and easily wherever they need it. With cloud solutions they gain flexibility.”

Changing business needs create new requirements for support systems and services

Traditionally there have been two business models in the industry. A company either licenses software and manages it with in-house experts, or they outsource the whole HR and payroll process to another company. 

“We have recognized that these two options are no longer serving the needs of our customers. Thus, we have developed flexible hybrid solutions, like Aditro Pay, that are scalable and adjust to the quickly changing business needs.” continues Sjögren.

“We made a huge investment in these new solutions to better help our clients save time and money,” Sjögren says. “Last year the number of mobile users was almost double what we had anticipated. I’m very happy that our customers have received our new standardised and highly automated cloud solutions so positively.”

EDITOR: David J Cord

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People, not tech, come first. We don’t build things because we can. We create solutions for real people in the real world who work everywhere, anywhere, anytime and on any device. And because we always think people first, our intuitive tools are picked up in an instant – and used over, and over, and over again. We simply want to get the job done. And done brilliantly.