Saving costs and energy building by building

The focus on reducing energy and costs is rapidly rising around the world. Granlund can help companies become leaders in building energy efficiency.

GranlundManager makes property maintenance and management smart and simple
GranlundManager makes property maintenance and management smart and simple

Nordic experience is useful when it comes to managing buildings and Granlund has decades of experience in helping organisations to efficiently manage building maintenance as well as to optimise energy consumption. Labour and energy costs are rising around the globe which is not only costly but also harmful to the environment.

Two-thirds of the costs of a building are operational and the majority of these are staff wages, maintenance and energy costs. The Granlund Manager software combines energy efficiency with the maintenance of a building in a unique way. It’s able to help owners reduce the operational and energy costs of a building – for example by optimising the use of heating and cooling systems.

The system not only analyses and optimises energy usage and real-time performance, but it also helps to visualise energy usage, maintenance reaction times, carbon footprints and indoor air conditions, thus informs about the well-being of a building and it’s users. The software also includes budgeting and approval procedures for future cost planning for buildings. The whole purpose of the system is to save money and energy.

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Granlund specializes in design, consultancy and software services. The core of our expertise is energy efficiency. In Finland we are the leading expert in all our speciality areas. We focus on innovation and development of new energy solutions, information technology and integrated design.Granlund was established in 1960. Today Granlund group has several locations in Finland, and employs more than 700 professionals. We also have offices in Shanghai and Dubai.

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