Advertising Experiences That Deliver

Teads drive smarter, more personalised marketing to maximise engagement

Advertising Experiences That Deliver

As a global media platform, Teads take great pride in thinking outside the box. The company wants to be seen as a positive force in the media ecosystem, providing data-driven creative advertising experiences.

Teads work to connect brands with consumers, intelligently, through advertising that doesn’t interrupt them. With consumer experiences at the heart of everything the company does, Teads create the conditions to reach users locally and globally, through a single-access point, by delivering quality ad solutions on a large scale. Providing interactive formats, along the entire funnel in one platform, Teads distribute advertising that is formulated to generate outcomes. 

Benefiting businesses in the region

Jerome Mouthon, President Teads MENA, sees the company in a unique position to help drive the Gulf region’s brands towards successful outcomes.

“Our global media platform empowers local economies by helping publishers enhance their business opportunities, in opposition to the big social media players that dominate the market,” explains Jerome. “Our aim is to provide a formula that drives revenue distribution to regional players more equitably.”

By developing a specially-curated platform that drives real revenues, Teads create efficiency and clarity in the digital advertising landscape. 

“Facebook and Google have created an advertising duopoly that restricts the range of information to which subscribers have access. To operate independent of this walled garden, Teads has built a curated advertising ecosystem, that drives real revenues to provide quality, brand safety, transparency and a fraud-free advertising environment,” elaborates Jerome. 

Working in conjunction with the Expo 2020 vision and directives, Teads is supporting the UAE and the wider Gulf by offering businesses the chance to highlight strategic milestones and properly connect with visitors and investors. 

“With Teads, local digital actors can reshape their advertising codes, reinventing their business marketing models to better orient consumers to their particular solutions.”


Teads’ flagship ad experience enables publishers to easily monetise video inventory on their pages, while simultaneously allowing scalability. Importantly, inRead is respectful to the user, engaging only when a consumer determines that they want to engage. It doesn’t gate or restrict content, or force an ad. This kind of engagement establishes a more trusting relationship between brands and consumers.

Jérome elaborates, “We’ve since expanded our inRead products to include a suite of formats that are suitable for every device and context. In today’s digital ecosystem, businesses can no longer rely on CPM and buying impressions to make an impact. That is why inRead is designed to work seamlessly, and complement also social media activations in a powerful, frictionless engagement.”

Teads Studio

With billions of ad impressions wasted every day by showing the wrong ad to the wrong person at the wrong time, Teads Studio has created a unique, integrated, data-driven technology platform that easily helps advertisers create artistic, interactive videos and display ads. The platform can also show ads based on dynamic signals, like time, location, weather, device or audience segment.

As Jerome notes, “Our Global Media platform provides extended reach, while being more effective, up to three times more efficient in terms of costs per view and allows for frictionless activation. By combining better targeting, with attention-grabbing creatives and powerful AI, Teads deliver an optimal advertising experience, personalised to the user.”

By partnering with Teads, advertisers can make better ads that are easier to test and activate before going live with a media strategy. This helps advertisers leverage on premium, creative support, while getting access to scalable media solutions. Equally, Teads support publishers in developing their business by providing a technological infrastructure that enhances commercial solutions beyond simple inventory tools. The platform uses Teads Prediction AI, scalability tools, and data-targeted segments to reach the most specific of digital audiences.

The Teads end-to-end platform gives full ownership to the user and helps connect publishers directly to brands, without adding additional players and increasing the tech tax on advertisers. It is a self-service platform that offers full-funnel solutions: from campaign ideation and execution, through to content testing and delivery, to make marketing more precise and efficient.

“Teads leads in the digital media industry by providing transparency, and giving control back to marketers, to accelerate mass, one-to-one, brand building that is fuelled by data and digital technology. Simply put, we have made it easier, safer, and more efficient for users to reach their audiences across the web.” adds Jerome.  


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At Teads, we think differently. We are diverse and celebrate each other at every turn. We learn quickly, evolve constantly and innovate every day. We praise creativity and authenticity. We believe that equality in the workplace drives progress and that the sum of our parts are the glue to our whole. We are a collection of over 750 people who possess different values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, preferences and behaviors and together, we are just getting started. We are The Global Media Platform.