NMC Remains Committed to Providing Superior Private Healthcare In a Post-Covid UAE

The largest private healthcare provider in the UAE - and fourth largest in the world - with facilities across Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, NMC has been at the frontline of Covid-19 patient care in the Gulf region.

NMC Remains Committed to Providing Superior Private Healthcare In a Post-Covid UAE

The 45-year-old brand has developed and adapted its staple healthcare services to respond to the ongoing global health crisis, while ensuring its regular patient base continues to receive world class medical care. 

With 500 beds, NMC Royal Hospital remains a tertiary referral centre treating complex medical cases as well as general medical and surgical patients. Services include a sophisticated pediatric ICU, neonatal services, cancer program, and international collaborative research initiatives. The private hospital in Khalifa City holds a 999 contract with the Abu Dhabi Police Ambulance to receive emergency cases, including trauma patients. Centrally located between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, the facility is extremely accessible for immediate medical care, as well as hospital transfers. 

These are not the only reasons NMC is a distinguished healthcare brand in the region and across the globe. It boasts an entire network of healthcare services, from tele-health, to homecare, to long term care facilities. “We’re more than hospital operators. We cover all aspects of healthcare from A to Z,” says Ahmad El Solh, senior business development, communications, and marketing manager for the NMC Royal Cluster. 

Though only modestly publicized, NMC has provided tele health services for both pre-care and post-care for quite some time. This application proved to be a timely in-built solution for maintaining non-Covid patient care throughout the pandemic. El Solh explains how it worked:  “We were able to get chronically ill patients their medication on time, answer their questions, and keep patients connected with their physicians – all in the middle of a health crisis.” 

Patients with a long history of illness would normally have to visit the hospital frequently.

Alongside its emergency response services, NMC Royal Hospital provides superior care for a number of services, such as neurology, gynecology, cardiology, neurosurgery, ENT, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and pediatrics. 

In addition to stroke management, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s, and dementia, NMC specializes in epilepsy treatment – one of the most common global neurological conditions affecting people of all ages. 

NMC’s multidisciplinary and holistic approach to obstetric care ensures mothers and families are supported through every step of pre and postnatal care, from labor preparation, conventional, caesarian, and emergency deliveries, and yoga and breastfeeding classes.

NMC’s cardiac unit, comprising interventional cardiologists, thoracic surgeons, and anaesthesiologists, ensures superior heart care. There are individual clinics for every aspect of preventative, emergency, surgical, and post-operative care, from chest pain and arrhythmia, to surgery, to specialized women’s care. 

The one stop breast clinic is a state-of-the-art facility where patients are examined and appropriate investigations are ordered. All investigations are done and immediately reported on the same day. The surgeon discusses the results with the patient, and if a biopsy is indicated, it is performed unless counter indicated. 

NMC Royal Hospital provides safe, world class medical treatment and is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of people in the region. For those that would like to get in touch with NMC can do so at 8001122.